Something old, something new…


By Kyung We’ve done weddings in the past as personal projects, but never under the SyMobius moniker for a few reasons. We hate weddings. We […]

“Every picture tells a story..

Ric rocks and other adventures 389

by Jess ….don’t it?” To agree with mister Rod Stewart, we believe that pictures should invoke an emotional response. Whether you love them or hate […]



by Kyung Rule #487: If you name a character “heels,” her heels will break in the middle of production. For example: During the filming of […]

A word about the timelapse footage


By Kyung First, we (me) left our tripods in the car.  Back in Denver.  Like 5 hours away.  Yes. So when the time came for […]

If you like pina coladas….


By Jess …….then you probably won’t be heading down to the corner store to buy crack and this sign is not intended for you. Some […]

The making of the making of…


By Kyung While we do plan on having individual releases of the images and videos in the future, we thought that it would be super […]

Goodbye Horses.


By Kyung Before we left for the shoot, Horsey (pic above) begged me to let him come.   I wasn’t sure if Mike (the director) would […]

Everybody was Kung-Fu fightin’


by Kyung There is a scene in the film that involves some delicious kicks to the face.  Here, you can see Sherrilynn kick Joe with […]

Back to Denver and MEDIUM RARE!

motor vixens

by Jess We made it home safe and sound, although a little burned, from the Motor Vixens shoot and are still absorbing how awesome the […]

Cars, Girls, and ACTION!


By Kyung Being on set is a good way to see some great looking cars. Every moment is a chance to capture some amazing shots. […]

What’s the story, morning glory?


by Kyung It’s a brand new day! Due to us arriving late yesterday, we now have more scenes to do than originally planned. It will […]

First day is a wrap!


by Kyung First day of shooting is a wrap! It was action packed with unpredictables. First, the road we were shooting at had many locals […]