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Something old, something new…

By Kyung

We’ve done weddings in the past as personal projects, but never under the SyMobius moniker for a few reasons.

  1. We hate weddings.
  2. We hate wedding DJs
  3. We hate the funky chicken and the song “who let the dogs out.”
  4. Something else about Julia Roberts.

However, we do like anything that has a unique flavor.  When the Millers approached us to do something different, a la Richard Avedon, we hastily said yes (in a nutshell).

The pictures did, indeed, channel Avedon.  The crispness of the textures and the contrast of the black and white do shine in front of our eyes.

These to us are very beautiful.

Not the traditional, “as is” wedding photography, but a nurtured one.   Definitely not something that’s perceived as “ordinary,” but extraordinary.

We hope you enjoy these pics!

Huge thanks to the Millers for bringing us this idea, and we wish them the best!


Photog: Kyung H. Min
Production: Jess Lambiase
* Special thanks to Futuristic Films for the location!

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  1. Posted 6 Sep ’10 at 11:23 am | Permalink

    I’m seeing some supreme editing.

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