Equipment roster


by Kyung We will be using the following cameras for this project: Canon 5D Mk.II – Still shots, Video Canon 20D – Timelapse capture Nikon […]

We’ve arrived!


by Kyung Finally got here. We’re off to start shooting on location in a few minutes. It is very exciting indeed More to come soon.

First convoy stop – Colo. Springs


by Kyung Making our first stop in the springs. Some of us are still in slumber mode. Because Kyung’s birthday party was last night, we’re […]

Off to Monte Vista!


by Kyung We’re finally off to Monte Vista, to cover the shoot for Motor Vixens. Super excited! Updates will soon follow.

Foals – Total Life Forever


by Kyung I was told by Anton that season 7 of Entourage was coming back. So while I was on HBO’s website watching the trailer […]

Urban Safari


by Kyung Sometimes we grab our cameras and venture out into the concrete jungle. We call this “Urban Safari.” It’s probably very dangerous, and we […]

Why collaborate?


by Kyung We’ve gotten many questions about our motives concerning our policy about collaborative projects. Why not do things in-house? Why not keep things closed? […]

Can i has a blog?


Welcome to the SyMobius blog, where we intend on bringing you hours and hours of inconsequential consumables. We’ve come a long way, baby! SyMobius is: […]