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A word about the timelapse footage

By Kyung

First, we (me) left our tripods in the car.  Back in Denver.  Like 5 hours away.  Yes.

So when the time came for us to whip out our magical 20D for the timelapse footage, we had no viable solution to keeping the camera steady.  Eventually, we had to borrow a tripod that the film crew weren’t using.  But as luck would have it, the tripod in question was missing the mount plate.

So what did we jackasses from SyMobius do?  Tape the sh#t out of it, of course.

Even though we had strong winds blowing across the set the whole time, the camera remained grounded, and steady.  This allowed us to run around with the 5D mk II and the D40 for the duration of the shoot, while the 20D snapped away the timelapse photos.

Happy story.  We like this one.

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