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First day is a wrap!

by Kyung

First day of shooting is a wrap! It was action packed with unpredictables.

First, the road we were shooting at had many locals driving through our set. Apparently, when Mike did the location scouting, the road was pretty deserted. But today, we counted around 20 drive-bys, forcing the crew to pause each time.

Second, there were cattle making noises near-by. They seem to get louder as more silence was needed for the scenes.

All this was going on while the mountain near by was on FIRE. Just incredible.

But even with all these distractions, Mike and the crew did a super job with everything. It was a long day, but a rewarding one.

It was a lot of fun to be part of this. Can’t wait for tomorrow.

Right now, we’re grabbing some grub at the Hunan, a Chinese restaurant. It is the only place that’s open here at 8:00pm on a Sunday.

More to come tomorrow!

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