Copyright 2011, SyMobius SyMobius shoots Kelly Eden for Dark Beauty Magazine


On July 6th, we once again photographed Kelly Eden, this time for Dark Beauty Magazine.

In these shots, Kelly wears a pair of amazing corsets provided by Spanish designer, Bibian Blue. It goes without saying, that the corsets do stand out in these photographs. The corsets compliment Kelly in a harmonious ensemble, and in our opinion, it’s always the woman that makes or breaks the picture.


To me, each corset has a different “personally”, if you will. The red one seems more ‘feminine’ and the black one seems to possess a bit of ‘anger’. Thus, the photos we released tailor to that theme. The red photos are bright and soft to the eye, while the black features high contrasts and sharper edges.

If the two corsets are opposites, then perhaps their one common ground would be the model.  Someone who can compliment the outfits with even balance.   To achieve this, Abella and Rebekah has out done themselves.  Abella’s makeup works perfectly with both the darker, and lighter looks, while Rebekah’s hair features an edgy silhouette while remaining feminine.  Cannot say in words how integral their work has been for this release.

We really do hope you enjoy these photographs. We’ve had a ton of fun creating them.


Photography: Kyung H. Min from SyMobius
Model: Kelly Eden
Makeup: Abella Michelle Bala, courtesy XXHEART
Hair: Rebekah Fuller
Designer: Bibian Blue
Photographed for Dark Beauty Magazine, Aug Issue, 2011

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