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Cars, Girls, and ACTION!

By Kyung Being on set is a good way to see some great looking cars. Every moment is a chance to capture some amazing shots. Lots of calendar-esque images. It’s so much fun!


What’s the story, morning glory?

by Kyung It’s a brand new day! Due to us arriving late yesterday, we now have more scenes to do than originally planned. It will be a packed day, but that also means it will be packed with great photo-ops. Can’t wait get this started!


First day is a wrap!

by Kyung First day of shooting is a wrap! It was action packed with unpredictables. First, the road we were shooting at had many locals driving through our set. Apparently, when Mike did the location scouting, the road was pretty deserted. But today, we counted […]


Equipment roster

by Kyung We will be using the following cameras for this project: Canon 5D Mk.II – Still shots, Video Canon 20D – Timelapse capture Nikon D40 – Aux (Jess) Flip HD – Video It will be awesome. At least I hope…


We’ve arrived!

by Kyung Finally got here. We’re off to start shooting on location in a few minutes. It is very exciting indeed More to come soon.


First convoy stop – Colo. Springs

by Kyung Making our first stop in the springs. Some of us are still in slumber mode. Because Kyung’s birthday party was last night, we’re pretty wrecked. Only a few more hours to go.


Off to Monte Vista!

by Kyung We’re finally off to Monte Vista, to cover the shoot for Motor Vixens. Super excited! Updates will soon follow.


Can i has a blog?

Welcome to the SyMobius blog, where we intend on bringing you hours and hours of inconsequential consumables. We’ve come a long way, baby! SyMobius is: Kyung H. Min: Founder, Photog, Design Jess Lambiase: Production