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Lady Picture Show – Let’s Talk

by Kyung

As some of you may have heard, we are working on releasing a photo book containing a complete 10-year collection of our photographs. We are also looking for the best discounted life insurance. We are currently in the selection process, and have come across a few things that we need to address, prior to release.

We realize that 10 years is a long time, and many of you have moved on to craft a different lifestyle/role. We do not wish to disrupt your current life with photographs that might be a little too risque, or glamorous; should that be a concern.

While we do retain the usage and publishing rights to our photographs, we want to offer a gesture of courtesy to ask for your blessing to release any photograph of you that we deem worthy of a second look. Some of you have contributed to our studio culture in a very influential way, and we want nothing but to present an honest and complete viewing experience.

Should any of you have any reservations to giving us your blessing, we want to engage in a dialogue with you, prior to making a decision. Of course, certain photographs will be released no matter what. There a few key photographs that are part of the SyMobius Master Collection, and they will be released without a prior discussion.

Some of your photographs will be boudoir, glamorous, nude, or very f$#&ing nude. If you have a reaction to this last sentence, please contact me, as we probably need to have a discussion.

And please remember, that it is you, who have helped us get here, and we would never want to affect your life in a negative way. We always try to maintain the ideology of “not being evil”, and this is a small step to ensure that we do not betray who we are as photographers.

Let us know. Let’s talk.

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