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Styles by Rebekah

by Kyung

January 20th this year, we did a few headshots for Rebekah Fuller. These were shot for her NAHA(North American Hairstyling Awards) entry, which is a very important, national competition for stylists.

With the understanding that we couldn’t release these photographs until the competition has come to an end, we sat on these for about 6 months. After that much time, and with the fast nature of the photography business, we almost forgot to post these. Almost.

These photographs contain amazing styles by Rebekah Fuller, one of our favorite people in the industry. To us, these styles have a sense of subtly to their approach while still being edgy. We like that. They have bite.

As always, we hope you enjoy these as much as we enjoyed shooting them.

Photographed by Kyung & Lee
Hair by Rebekah Fuller
Makeup by  kelly eden
Shot at XOXO Salon

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