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Goodbye Horses.

By Kyung

Before we left for the shoot, Horsey (pic above) begged me to let him come.   I wasn’t sure if Mike (the director) would be cool with a horse hanging out in the trailer, so I first said, “no.”

But Horsey was determined to come to the shoot, and he hid in my luggage for the trip.

Long story short, I forgave him, because he obviously has trouble getting around.  I mean…  He has no legs.

So after making up, we had a good time together at the shoot.  Even took some pics of Horsey for his scrapbook.

Before viewing the pictures of Horsey, please click the play button below.

Here’s horsey driving the RV.

He even showed up to the meetings.

He cried when he saw this horse driving by, because that horse had legs…

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  1. Posted 22 Jun ’10 at 7:58 pm | Permalink

    Horsey is always welcome on any film I direct! Dont cry for having no legs little Horsey- stick with SyMobius and you will still get around and see a lot of this world! Great tune too-

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